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As well as the items on the Gallery page, woodturning in East Anglia enables me to offer a service to local joiners, cabinet makers and the general public in the area by supplying “one-offs” and small production runs of items such as bespoke wooden knobs, stair spindles and finials as well as general commission work.  This also includes parts for people involved in antique restoration where it’s impossible to find these items “off the shelf”.

The Gallery can only show a small selection of my work but having had a shop for many years, I have, and still do, produced bowls and platters of all shapes and sizes including salad bowls, wooden fruit from both domestic and exotic timbers (about 8000 to date), clocks, barometers, ear-ring stands, wooden jewellery, hour glasses, pens, ring stands, light pulls, wine bottle stoppers, wooden eggs, long handled shoe horns, lace bobbins, letter openers and wooden toadstools using not only native timbers but also timbers from alder to zebrano!  If the items you are looking for are not in the list, just email me.

I have worked with leading designers including Michael Sodeau where I made the 1.9 metre tall former for the stem floor lamp he designed as well as several other projects.  This former was used to make the mould employed in the manufacture of the lamps and was made in solid laminated jelutong, a timber native to Malaysia.

Woodturning tuition has become a major factor in my business over the last ten years or so and I now offer vouchers for those that want to give a day or two’s tuition as a gift, typically for birthdays and Christmas.  These “learn-to-turn” vouchers have proven very popular as they can be given at the appropriate time but the date can be arranged later to suit the recipient.  Just contact me for further details.

One of the joys of woodturning is the fact that even as a complete novice, you can still expect to complete a couple of projects in just one day and over the years, I have taught both men and women with ages ranging from 12 to 80!

All the woodturning courses are now held at my workshop 7 miles from the historic and picturesque town of Bury St.Edmunds in rural Suffolk and for those that have to travel some distance, my local pub, The Bull, is now offering B&B

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