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Ivory Restoration

Replacing damaged ivory components with 'alternative ivory' - a polyester resin supplied in rod and sheet form.  Although normal woodturning tools can be used with this material, to avoid chipping, it is shaped using small scrapers and skew chisels.  This material can be awkward to use as the shavings tend to wrap themselves around the work so it becomes difficult to see what you are actually doing!  The finial shown is just 25mm in diameter.

Kentwell Hall, Long Melford, Suffolk

This was a project I was involved in some years ago.  Two gatehouses were to be constructed with domed roofs in the style of the wings of the main Hall and I was commissioned to make the finials that would top each roof.  Each finial was constructed from 12 pieces of laminated cedar from the estate and weighed about 35kg and about 1.6 metres tall when finished.  The bases had to be hollow to fit over the peak of each roof and there had to be a 25mm hole through the centre so it could be bolted securely in place.  Once completed, they were covered in lead sheet and lifted by crane into their final resting places some 10 metres above the ground.

Tudor Company

Here I was commissioned by The Tudor Company to replicate some items salvaged from the barber's/surgeon's chest discovered on King Henry VIII's flagship, the Mary Rose.  The ship was sunk by the invading French fleet in 1545 and raised from The Solent in 1982.  The commission consisted mainly of a range of lidded containers made from poplar, handles for the surgeon's tools made from cherry and box and a feeding bottle in cherry that enabled injured sailors to drink when lying on the decks.  All these items would have lived in an oak chest on the deck of the ship.  Full details of sizes and timber species were kindly supplied by The Mary Rose Trust.



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